n336218321475_5727.jpgAt the Uyeasound School we are making plans for the Hamefarin. We are making this Metasaga for the visitors to Uyeasound who may wish to explore our school and the surrounding area.

The Playground
We are known as the Rainbow Light School and you can see why from our playground. At the centre of the theme is the rainbow coloured classical labyrinth brought to Unst by Swedish fishermen. The men would walk the labyrinth as a blessing before going to sea for the fishing season. Examples of this labyrinth can be found all around the Baltic. We invite you to walk it for a blessing or protection.

On one wall are our values as a learning community. On another wall a Viking depicts our Norse heritage. Shetland proverbs are painted on Nepalese prayer boards. We have taken many things from other cultures and fused them in to our rainbow design giving them a Shetland twist.

Reflective Questions

1.Which area of the playground appeals to you most and why?
2.What does a rainbow mean to you?
3.What is your favourite colour?
4.What are your core values?
5.What words of wisdom would you share with others?
6.The rainbow is a sign of covenant, committment. What are you committed to?
7.Follow Yero the rainbow snake to the door of the school - what do you find?

Inside the School
The core business of any school is learning and teaching and we hope we are fully engaged in this business. Other people think we do it very **well**

The environment, community and culture all play a significant part in the education delivery in Uyeasound. We reflect the community we serve, delighting in our differences and celebrating our similarities. Come and explore our school. Learning comes from good questions so ask plenty.

Reflective questions

1. What good learning experience have you had in the recent past?PIC_0216.JPG
2. Describe your best ever day at school. What values do you hear?
3. What thing stands out for you in the school and why?
4. What question would you really like an answer to?
5. Technology plays a major part in education now. How does technology influence your life?
6. If you could give one piece of advice to the young people of Uyeasound, what would it be?
7. Visit the greenhouse - in what ways do you make new things out of old?

Make your way up to the Galleyshed...

The Galleyshed
Our Norse heritage comes out in Up Helly Aa , a huge community celebration.Vikings are often depicted as barbaric warriors who destroyed everything they came across. Yet in Shetland we reap the rewards with archaeology, myth, seamanship and art.

At Up Helly Aa the most important person is the Jarl. He picks his squad of men, chooses his colours, emblem, suit design and names his galley. The 'bill' or proclamation captures community events and pokes fun at the Jarl and his squad.

A huge effort goes into the event. The collective community creativity of all the squads makes the night very special in Uyeasound. It certainly lights up the dark winter.

n753565675_2133735_1922.jpgReflective questions

1.How are you creative?
2.When was the last time you celebrated,why? and how did you celebrate?
3.If Vikings are the fierce warriors, who is the Viking in your group.? How do they behave? When was the last time you behaved like a Viking?
4.What Colour and symbol would you choose to represent you? If you could change your name what would it be?
5.What do you put effort in to? When do you feel on fire with passion about something you do?
6.Who would you have in your squad and why?
7.Tell a funny story about something that happened to you.

Now wander down to the Kirk...

The Kirk

Many of our churches are wonderful buildings, built to last, good accoustics, amazing wood.They are used for praise and worship but also to celebrate major milestones in our lives as individuals and as a community. Much of the time they lie dormant. The church here, like many others is under threat. Numbers are dwindling. Closure looms. How can we use them differently?

Go into the church and explore the space. Think about all your sense smell, sight, sound and also your feelings.

Reflective questions01230234.jpg
1.How would you use this space?
2.What feelings and memories come to you as you sit here?
3.What item or object stands out for you and why?
4.What music would you fill this space with?
5.Who would you invite into this space to help you celebrate?
6.Praise- when was the last time you received some.? When did you last praise someone else?
7.Place a thankfulness leaf on the tree of gratitude

Walk back to the school...

The Peace Garden
The Peace Garden and in particular the Peace Pole are a UNESCO project to create a message of Peace around the world. The garden was created when the RAF base on Unst closed.The pole has " May Peace prevail on Earth" in four different languages.

The garden is made of recycled glass and captures the landscape and seascape of Unst.The glass has been specially treated to make it safe.

The two figures in the garden represent sharing,support and community. The garden endures winter and summer.

100_1706.JPGReflective Questions
1.What does the word peace mean to you?
2.What languages would you put on your peacepole and why? They should have some connection or significance.
3.Where would you plant a peace pole in your organisation ?
4.Who are the two figures? If one of them is you who is the other?
5.The edges of the glass have been rubbed smooth to make them safe. Who are the sharp people in your life? When were you last rubbed the wrong way?
6.Where do you go to find peace?
7.Sound the gong and add your voice to the oath of peace.

This is a very short Metasaga but we hope you enjoyed it. What experience from this Metasaga could you take away with you? What Metasagas could you make in your community?

As you leave us remember - Peace begins with you.