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Discover yourself in the world around you.

“We don’t receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us” - Marcel Proust

Metasaga is a journey through the culture, heritage and physical landscape. It allows leaders at all levels to engage in deep self- reflection by exploring their environment. It utilises a strengths-based, whole system approach to evaluate how they operate as leaders and the performance of the organisation they lead. It makes leaders at all levels reframe their thinking using metaphor, narrative, tradition and artefacts found in their own physical environment. It combines the business techniques of non-directive coaching, dialogue and appreciative inquiry with the traditional storytelling teaching of our culture,be that the Norse saga or Gaelic “sgeul”.

Metasaga has been used in both the private and public sector ,especially Education where pupils and staff have travelled together to create innovative courses on leadership development.

“ The Metasaga is a fantastic tool, as it encourages the young people involved to explore their local culture and understand their place in the wider world, while developing key skills such as team work and leadership.”
Adam Ingram ( minister for children and early years) following his participation in the Kirkwall Metasaga.

“Heroes take journeys, confront dragons, and discover the treasure of their true selves.” edublogs-finalist-besteducationalwiki.png
- Carol Lynn Pearson

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A further thought , something I have been trying to articulate for a while.

St Magnus Cathedral in Orkney is a beautiful building. It holds concerts, meetings, flower shows , work shops and a multitude of services. It does not belong to any church, system or organisation. It belongs to the people of Orkney.

This is a wonderful metaphor for Metasaga. Each metasaga belongs to the people involved in it, they have ownership. Metasaga is the name of the process or framework.Each of the guides are the custodians allowing people to get the most from the experience.

Yes Metasaga has a wonderful metaphor in St Magnus Cathedral. Metasaga belongs to the people.

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